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An My Village Organic Farming Initiative

An My Village is located amongst the ricefields at the rear of Chic hotel, a leisurely, flat 1.5 km scenic return bicycle ride. It is still a very traditional market garden village that’s has seen very little change compared to its broader surrounds. You will enter a very quiet and serene village of the past with many houses having larger blocks of land for growing a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables
Last year an initiative led by the government was started with ten houses to introduce organic methods with financial support from the government to assist in the transition period. The project is monitored by members of the agriculture and environment departments.
Unfortunately nine houses have stopped participating in the project basically for financial reasons. Changing to organic does result in less revenue due to less production.
We offer this free excursion as a point of interest to our guests and as a means to show support to the sole remaining participant.
We will visit the sole remaining house growing various herbs, lettuces, tomatoes and okra to name a few. Using marigold plants as a natural pest repellant as well as garlic, chili and ginger infused water for spraying as a pest repellant.
If you have an enjoyable experience and wish to support this family who is prepared to accept a financial drop due to their environmental concerns, then a couple of dollars donation directly to them would not only be a means of support and encouragement, but may encourage more participants to return to the program if they can see the financial reward by other means – tourism – to supplement the sale of produce.
• Bicycles are provided and a member of staff will escort you.
• You will be greeted by the family and given the opportunity to share some tea with them in their house.
• You have the choice of just wandering the gardens or donning some traditional protective clothing covers and get into the garden for some watering and planting under the ever smiling supervision of the family.
All in aid of fun, all in aid of a good cause.