96 Ba Trieu St., Hoi An City
+84 2353 91 55 19
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Library Corner Cafe

Hoi An Pho Library is a new experience in Hoi An, and our Library Corner Cafe is new experiences as well. Our Café provides a daily complimentary breakfast and a full day menu.

Leaving the iconic Vietnamese street food recipes to the local street food vendors, we aim to offer classic, traditional Vietnamese dishes that have been handed down the generations and prepared and served, as you would enjoy them in any Vietnamese home. Offering both a la carte and set menu options, our Vietnamese menu showcases the very best classical dishes local to Hoi An. In true Vietnamese tradition, all meals contain something crunchy, something sweet, something spicy and something sour. This is the way the Vietnamese people balance the delicate flavors in their food and why people travel from around the world to enjoy it.

We have a selection of international dishes too. They have been chosen to offer a selection not found in other restaurants in Hoi An. Baked potato with shrimp and sour cream, gourmet pizza with baked pumpkin, fetta and red onion as well as pitta wraps with skewers and salad are among the tasty selection of international food you can enjoy in our Cafe.